Review Policy:

I am currently accepting books for review.
I am currently accepting all types of books (already published, ARC's, e-books and self published..). However I am more likely to review hard bound copies simply because it is easier for me to read.
(I do not accept non-fiction or erotic fiction for review)

By accepting a book this does not guarantee it would be read and posted immediately. My to- be- read list is huuugeee this year ~(>_<~)  If you have a specific date in which you would like the book to be read please state in the email.
Please also note that although I will try my best I may not be able to review every book I receive, however every book received will be mentioned on the blog in our weekly In My Mailbox meme.

My Reviews:
My reviews will include a small synopsis of the book and the cover art (taken from goodreads). The publisher, the date the book was published, our opinion (what we liked and disliked) and a rating out of 5 stars. If their is anything else you would like us to add please state in the email and we would be happy to comply.
My reviews are always honest. I infrequently write a "bad" review as it's rare for me to come across a book I strongly dislike. However negative reviews are written respectively with constructive criticism. (^_^;)
Reviews are also posted on goodreads.

Author Interviews and Promotions
I would be delighted to promote your book :) Please email me for more information.

Hosting Giveaways
I am open to hosting giveaways and other similar events. Please email me with information on the giveaway and I will get back to you.

I am not a professional book critic. I read and review for fun. All reviews are subjective just based on my opinion.

Please email me at: astoryoflegends@hotmail.com

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